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COVID-19 VACCINE / Our Story / Advice / Comments

COVID-19 & VITAMINS:  Covid-19 reminds us of the importance of Vitamin D,  Vitamin C,  and Zinc.   We've actually heard from customers who got mild cases of COVID-19 and their physician said to continue taking their Natural Biology supplements and did nothing else - and they got better.  We also have had friends and family who did not have a serious vitamin program - and they ended up in the hospital.  This is not to say by any means a supplement program will prevent or cure COVID-19 - it's much more complicated than that,  but a good vitamin regimen seems to help and it might be the best insurance. 
Watch this Video for more information about COVID-19 Vaccine:
COVID-19 VACCINE ADVICE:   Most individuals who are receiving COVID-19 vaccines currently are receiving it in two doses.  Before you go to get your shot, consider taking 2 Ibuprofen several hours before.  We've heard from lots of people it really helps the sore arm and body aches.  Continue taking them every 6-8 hours for a couple of days.  VACCINE SHOT #2:  30 days after your first Vaccine you'll be scheduled for a the second vaccine.  We've done a little research with some medical professionals who after taking the second vaccine had headaches, fever, and reactions for about 24 hours.   They suggest taking ibuprofen before and after - and beefing up on Vitamin C.  We like Emergen-C for Vitamin C,  available at most drug and grocery stores.   How much can you take?  Most people for these purposes can take 2-5 packets daily for 2,000mg to 5,000mg daily.   Some people can take more.   If you start getting a runny stool - you've taken too much Vitamin C but it will not harm you; however, that helps determine how much is enough.  Those of you who take a full serving of Vintage Resveratrol 100% or EVEREST Earth & Sea, 4 GRAMS, or 7 BASICS have an antioxidant advantage already.   Those products are in themselves more than antioxidants, but they are the best array of antioxidants on the market today.   
Natural Biology's STEMICOL is a great product to take 5-10 days before the Covid-19 vaccine.  It's purpose is to boost your immune system health. 
My Personal Vaccine Story:  My wife and I were scheduled to have the Covid-19 vaccine on March 19, but a local hospital had vaccines expiring and called my wife at 10pm and said if we could come right down we could get a vaccine before the vaccine expired early in the AM hours the next day.  We got our vaccines an hour later at 11:15 pm  The nurses had been giving shots since 10am when we arrived, going on 13 hours - they are simply amazing.
 We took Ibuprofen on the way to the hospital.    We already take EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula,  Vintage Resveratrol 100%, and both Norwegian Omega 3 and Arctic Ocean Krill Oil.  We had no reaction and that was two days ago.  
My brother is a physician and he took this past Wednesday his second vaccine and had to go home from work on Thursday with a fever and headache.   He was okay by Friday.  We hearing a lot of people taking the second vaccine are having similar reaction  This is all the more reason to take your vitamins...
We were lucky to have the connections to the hospital and able to run down at the last minute, but it really concerns me that I've read thousands of vaccines in Boston and Virginia have expired and they had to throw them out.  Many of the states need to get their act together. My wife and i got the last two dosages before they expired.  I'm glad our hospital called and did not let the extra ones go to waste.  My father and step-mom are in their 80s and they took the vaccine this past week.  They had no reaction.  And yes, they take EVEREST Earth & Sea,  Vintage Resveatrol 100%, and Norwegian Omega 3 - and they took my advice and took Ibuprofen before and after their shot.  
Steve Bruner
Founder Natural Biology
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These comments have not been evaluated by the FDA nor are they intended to prevent, cure, and treat any disease.  Natural Biology believes in integrated medicine and believes you should always work with your physician to determine the right supplements and treatments for your health.   It is always good to work with informed physicians who believe in a combination of holistic and medical solutions for your health.