In Nature Not All Things are Equal, Some are Superior - And Proven by Science

7 BASICS™ Nourishes, Protects, & Rejuvenates

7 BASICS™ is a stand-alone product, 100% organic and raw.  The entire formula is also included in our flagship product:  EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula™.    

Cells are the smallest unit of life — and the average human body has 37.5 trillions of them. In each cell are components called organelles, including familiar names like the mitochondria and the nucleus, which communicate with each other to carry out all of the processes in our body. This communication consists of physical, chemical, and nutritional processes by which cells convert food to energy, light to imagery, and stimulus to sensation. Research has demonstrated that healthy cellular communication relies on many factors. Healthy cells perform better with the micro-nutrients in 7 BASICS™ because they have the nourishment to repair themselves, to be protected from free radicals, and rejuvenate your body’s organs and systems.

Your Metabolic Health

All the micro-nutrients in 7 BASICS ™ support your metabolic health. The synergistic array of vitamins, ionic trace minerals, coral calcium, antioxidants (green tea, pomegranate, dark berry antioxidants), Resveratrol, Broccoli Sprout Extract, Adaptogens (Shilat, Reishi Mushroom Extract), and SuperFoods (Organic Chlorella, Spirulina, Beet Root, & Ginger) - all support the molecular activities of metabolic health.

The mitochondria turn nutrition into energy by generating ATP, a molecule that transports energy within cells. ATP is the main, and most efficient, energy source for cellular function. 7 BASICS ™ provides orthomolecular nourishment for your cellular power plants to operate at peak efficiencies.

DNA Maintenance

Our DNA is constantly exposed to naturally-occurring factors (e.g., reactive oxygen species or “free radicals”) and external stress (e.g., UVB light), that can harm its structure. When our cells are functioning properly they monitor and correct the mistakes, leading to a more stable genome. One of the distinct features of 7 BASICS ™ is antioxidant protection and maintenance of cellular function. Micro-Nutrients for a complete cellular defense system include French Red Wine Resveratrol, High Yield Broccoli Sprout Extract, Green Tea 99% Extract 45% ECGCs, and Dark Berry Antioxidants - all at research potencies...

Calcium Signaling

Calcium serves as a messenger with a role in muscle contraction, cell growth, neurotransmission, and other activities. Okinawa Coral Calcium SMP 44 is derived from the pristine waters of Okinawa providing a natural sea coral based calcium and trace mineral complex that is bioavailable and highly functional in the human body system. NUTRA-SEA ™ is one of synergistic factors. It provides highly bioavailable calcium, magnesium, and 74 trace minerals. It has nature's perfect 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium.

Liver Health

The liver is central to all metabolic processes in the body, from breaking down fats for energy to modulating the level of blood sugar. These metabolic processes depend. Naturally occurring enzymes support this process. And while it seems ironic, 7 BASICS™ is smooth - meaning it does not put stress on your liver like some supplements and drugs do. NUTRA-PROTECT ™ is a powerful antioxidant derived from Broccoli Sprouts. This extract supports healthy liver function as do naturally occurring enzymes & probiotics in 7 BASICS ™. NUTRA-NOURISH ™ provides research-proven superfoods.

Circadian Rhythm

The cell’s – and body’s – memory for, and response to, nutritional and environmental cues, which among other things helps govern our sleep and wake cycle. Most people report sleeping more soundly and through the night after taking 7 BASICS ™ - particularly after the micro-nutrients are present everyday in your system. Circadian rhythm is an essential function of orthomolecular supplements.

Gene Expression

Sirtuins regulate the gene transcription, which means that they turn genes on and off to control our body’s response to nutrition levels and stress. It's one of the reasons Resveratrol duplicates results of calorie restriction. Scientist are discovering everyday more about gene therapy and even the possibilities of repairing our DNA. The primary reason to supplement with 7 BASICS™ is to insure your cells have all the nutrients they require to be nourished, repaired, and protected.


Healthy cellular functions are at the root of all health, your energy levels, how often you get sick, and if you feel good or not. Your body is made up of trillion of cells. Scientific research has discovered what micro-nutrients our cells need to maintain optimal health. Scientist now know what can impact the health of your cells, from chemical toxins to genetics. The goal to maintaining healthier cellular function is to enable your cells (regardless of what their individual responsibility is) to function at their optimal level.

7 BASICS ™ Super Nutrients, in additional to diet & exercise, makes it possible for people stay healthy.