When considering the challenges of aging, the seven pillars of aging are  key considerations  Natural Biology considers... 

Natural Biology's Anti-Aging Protocol

Our Anti-Aging Protocol consist of:  

  • EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula or 4 GRAMS
  • OxyAGE
  • Arctic Ocean Krill Oil and/or Norwegian Omega 3

The seven pillars of aging

  1. Molecular Integrity - The molecules in our cells such as DNA and RNA, proteins, and essential lipids are delicate. As we age oxidation, UV radiation, glycating agents, and other factors can damage these sensitive molecules. Maintaining their integrity is essential to healthy aging.
  2. Epigenetics – Youthful gene expression helps hold back the hand of time. But diet and other environmental influences can not only change the way these longevity genes are expressed, but also destabilize them. So maintaining youthful gene expression is essential to a healthy life span.
  3. Proteostasis – Think of protein homeostasis as a “quality control network” that helps ensure the integrity of proteins within our cells. The cell signaling pathways that affect longevity and youthfulness strongly influence proteostasis as well, making it an integral part of healthy aging.
  4. Inflammation response – Inflammation is one of our body’s natural biological defenses. But too much of a good thing can be harmful, and can lead to undesirable aspects of the aging process. So it’s important to encourage our body’s healthyresponse to inflammation as we age.
  5. Adapting to stress – We’re continually exposed to physical, environmental, and psychological stressors, to which our bodies physically respond. As we age, it’s important to help our bodies deal with physical and emotional stress in a healthy, constructive way.
  6. Stem cell health – Stem cells operate as kind of an internal repair system. When some cells in our bodies become old or damaged, they are replaced by stem cells that have transformed into the cell they are replenishing. But as we age, effectiveness of stem cell replacement and tissue regeneration is reduced. So maintaining healthy stem cell activity is essential to our health.
  7. Healthy metabolism – Cells produce energy our bodies need at a cost to their environment, which is us. Natural pathways exist to counteract the byproducts of cellular energy production, but they become less efficient as we age. Maintaining these pathways is essential to youthful cellular metabolism. 



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