In Nature Not All Things are Equal, Some are Superior - and Proven by Science


We Put Nature to Work for You

NATURAL BIOLOGY™ was founded in 2002 to provide people a more holistic approach to health and vitality. Our formulas are based upon ORTHO-MOLECULAR Cell Science pioneered by two-time Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Linus Pauling. ORTHO-MOLECULAR seeks to restore the optimum ecological environment for your body's cells to restore a natural state of vibrant health. Natural Biology is a are a leader in providing life-changing science-based supplements to thousands of customers in over 30 countries around the world.   The research scientist we collaborate with teach at world-renowned academic institutions, and have among them 2800+ publications and over 140,000 citations in peer-reviewed scientific journals and textbooks.  


  • Everything Natural Biology is about is a healthier way to sustain a natural state of vibrant health, and doing this holistically so your cells are fully nourished, protected, repaired, and rejuvenated.   We believe that making the cleanest, most effective supplements begins with the power of clinically validated natural ingredients. It begins by cultivating these high quality raw materials directly from the source and using the most innovative scientific advancements to enhance their effectiveness. 

    •  MADE In the USA:  All our supplements are processed, formulated, and compounded in the USA under GMP guidelines.
    • NATURAL Ingredient Sourcing:  We meticulously select natural ingredients from all over the world to insure the best of the best.   They are processed in the USA to preserve active ingredient contents, potency, and purity.      
    • CLINICAL GRADE:  -  Our formulas  promote robust, healthy balances across the body’s multiple interdependent systems. Our unique formulation philosophy comes from a deep understanding of the whole body’s biochemistry and the latest science on nutrition and health; therefore, we only use clinical grade micro-nutrients validated by a meta-analysis of university research.   
    • Bio-Balanced: Our supplements are designed to align perfectly with your body’s needs. They address deep nutritional needs and support the healthy balance of the body’s interrelated systems.
    • Progressive Formulations: Studies have shown people who took the same multivitamins and/or dietary supplements over an extended period began to realize less efficacy - how your body incorporates the active ingredients which ultimately is the reason you supplement. To compensate and insure ultimate utilization by your body, we make slight changes in our formulations approx. every 6-18 months to insure bioavailability, your best chance to maximize the micronutrients.  Progressive formulation also gives us the opportunity to take advantage of improvements in micronutient research because advances today are dynamic and we want to insure our products are always on the cutting edge...
    • Why Supplement:  Today our food sources are high in calories and low in nutrients.  We eat fast foods, processed foods, and not nearly enough servings of vegetables & fruits. The lack of vine-ripe produce as well as meats laced with hormones & probiotics is alarming.  New research suggest chronic disease is caused in part due to the failure of cell-to-cell communication – primarily caused by the lack of locally grown vine-ripe produce.  All our supplements are designed to off-set dietary limitations of our food supply while at the same time therapeutically improve your energy, well-being, immune system, and vitality.  
    • Multi-Nutritional, Resveratrol, & Okinawa Coral Calcium:   Natural Biology helped introduced high quality Okinawa Coral Calcium™ (marine grade SMP 44) to the USA in 2002.  In 2004 we introduced the term multi-nutritional which took daily supplementing way beyond multivitamins.  EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula 7 BASICS and 4GRAMS™ are our flagship multi-nutritionals.  In 2008 we introduced Vintage Resveratrol 100%™ - the purest source of naturally occurring resveratrol found in nature.    
    • MADE FRESH: 7 BASICS™,  4 GRAMS™ ,Reveratrol 100%™,OxyAGE™, & Okinawa Coral Calcium SMP44, EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula  
    • AMAZON PRIME:  Vintage Resveratrol 100%™, EVEREST Earth 7 Sea Formula ™
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    • Natural Biology Inc.:  Founded 2002
    • HQ:  Sky Valley, Ga. (7 miles from Highlands NC)
    • Distribution Centers:  GA, NC, CO, CA, NY, MO
    • LABS:  North Carolina , Florida, Wisconsin, Utah  
    • DBA:  Natural Biology Labs,  Natures Trade LTD
    • BRANDED PRODUCTS: 7 BASICS™, Vintage Resveratrol 100%™, OxyAGE™, EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula™, 4 GRAMS™, Zolamay™, Okinawa Coral Calcium™, Arctic Ocean Krill Oil™ Norwegian Omega 3™ OxyHGH Growth Factors™ Stemicol™ Stemzymes, Biotase™ Ultra Probiotics™ Brain Rocket™ Med Factors™ MicroWhey™ ChiaZest™, OxyLEAN Advanced Weight Loss ™, Super Blue RX™, Dead Sea Vibrations™ 

    7 BASICS Natural Biology Super Nutrients