The supplement industry has deep roots, starting with Native American, Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic traditions that tapped healing plants, herbs and minerals. However, with the introduction of a modern medical system came a focus on treating disease, rather than on holistic approaches to health and well-being.

People are now beginning to reconnect with nature, turning back to plants for their nutritional power.  Natural Biology provides plant-based supplements with health-promoting attributes. Our supplements are backed by Orthomolecular research developed by two time Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Linus Pauling, and also are supported by a meta-analysis of university research - and increasingly endorsed by the mainstream medical community.   The first rule of supplements should be to balance & optimize your nutritional profile with scientifically proven natural ingredients.  With products like 7 BASIC  you are not only taking out insurance against deficiencies, you are also enjoying therapeutic levels of health excellence

A great supplement plan is like exercise.  Each day you take one of our advanced protocols you get a little better. Most people report feeling better after 30 days, and if you stay disciplined, the results after 6 months are amazing.   You skin looks better.  People age slower.  You’ll have more energy.  You’ll get sick less often.  You sleep better.  Your digestive system operates better.   Many people report loosing weight or are motivated for the first time in years to exercise.  Another interesting happenstance occurs;  we hear stories all the time  of people taking 7 BASICS maybe with a Omega 3 like our Arctic Ocean Krill Oil or Norwegian Omega 3 – and they end up throwing out all the other supplements - and many people working with their physicians get off meds they’ve taken for years.     

When your 37 Trillion cells get happy, amazing things happen.  This is the purpose of a great supplement program, to nourish, protect, and rejuvenate your cells.   Hypocrites, the Father of Medicine said 2500 years ago to “Heal Thou Self.”  His recommendation then was to do it through nutrition and today modern science has confirmed his wisdom.   Natural Biology’s logo has a tree front and central to illustrate the test of time. The ring of energy is the best of nature – life itself – full of energy .  In nature not all things are equal, some are superior – and proven by science, thus Natural Biology.