Fake Non Profit Sites That Pretend to Evaluate Supplements

You know the old joke, it's on the internet, so it must be true.  Since 2002 Natural Biology has seen a lot of supplement scams  come and go.  Some just change names and brands - and pop up somewhere else.    The same players are cleaver and are only out to make a fast buck.  There are plenty of them there now, and unfortunately more on Amazon than there was a year ago.  I've seen so-called supplement companies selling ingredients for much less than we pay for them, and because we know the markets, we know these supplements and companies are illegitimate.  What worries me the most is what are people putting into their bodies when they do business with these companies?  
I  have often thought how Natural Biology could help, and we' are trying to devote some future resources to grading supplements and warning you of the pure fraudulent ones; however, we want to keep our emphasis on what we do, and continue doing it well.  Nonetheless, I feel somewhat obligated to do this, and in the future our blog section of the website will address issues we see from time to time.  
The Biggest Scam - Can You Trust a Company Who Out of the Gate Presents Themselves as Someone They Are Not
Often overnight supplement companies set themselves up to look like a non-profit review sitewith names like Consumer Health - and rate products.  One such organization right now is rating resveratrol.  They pick a couple of non-threatening products to rate and of course they rate the one they are selling Number One.   Can you trust someone or a company who comes out of the gate trying to mislead you.  We tell you why we think Natural Biology is good, but we don't fake it with a pseudo non-profit.  Faking who you are most likely means what you are getting is questionable.  
The organization that did this for years was Coral Calcium Watchdogs.  They rated 4-5 products really high.  Guess what?  They owned those companies - same product, they just put a different labels and brand on each one.  Then they rated everyone else poorly.   They attempted to rate Natural Biology with a fake review but we shut them down by working with Google, the Attorney General of Texas where they were headquarters,  and then our lawyers.   They'll been doing this for years - and now I think they've just changed names.  
Just be careful of review sites.  I have not seen a review site in 20 years on the internet for supplements that is legitimate.  Back in 2008 we received an FDA complaint about our website only to find out they FDA said we were not allowed to link our products directly to sites like Harvard Medical School that were published research directly relating to ingredients we offered.  We fought it, and in the end compromised with their position.  It seemed very anti-American but what was equally interesting was when we showed up at the FDA offices to fight it - their negotiator said to me "most of the times when we send a letter like this to someone in your industry, they just disappear, and here you are."  I said "we sell good products and I do not understand why my customers cannot have direct access to research from my site that helps them make informed decisions."  We compromised with the FDA and moved our research links to blogs and off-site articles and press releases.  
Did you know you can go to and see who owns a domain like Natural Biology, how long it's been in existence, and when it is going to expire.  For example: has existed since 2002 and expires in 2023.   That tells you a couple of things - we've been around and we plan to be around.  You can also see as the founder and principle partner at Natural Biology I own the domain. 
If you do a search on one of the most popular health evaluation sites, they hide who they are.  You don't know whose behind the scam, how long its been going on, and how long they intend to keep it up.  
I hope these tools will help you.   
Did you know that Natural Biology will gladly analyze any label you send us.  Take picture of the products, the label, and send us the link to the website you are purchasing from.  We will give you our analysis of the product.  There's lots of really good products out there and loads of bad ones.  If we don't like the one you sent us, we typically will tell you what a better choice is.   Just email me and I'll be glad to help.   I'll usually respond in 24-48 hours to most request.  
When it comes to supplements ultimate you have to find a company you can trust.   Soon we celebrate our 18th year - and we've worked hard to earn your trust.  We are committed, now more than ever, to continue earning your trust because we want to give you the best in science, research, ingredients, and orthomolecular formulations.   
Live a Longer & Healthier Life
Steve Bruner is the founder and CEO / Science Director of Natural Biology Labs