Live Better with Complete & Balanced Micro-Nutrients

Maybe the Reason Some of Us Don’t Feel So Great Everyday...   

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  • Sub-Clinical Deficiencies is a term that has evolved over the past 25 years by scientist who frequently investigate why people do not feel good even though they are not sick sick. These people go to their doctors with a myriad of complaints but traditional medical test do not turn up any evidence of a condition that relates to the way they are feeling. Study after study began to show evidence that perhaps the problem was that these people were not clinically sick as described by an insurance code – but that they had nutritional deficiencies that explained body aches, headaches, memory loss, inability to focus, low energy levels, generally feeling lousy, lack of sleep, feeling sleepy all day, depression, etc.
  • Eating right is hard. It may be because of processed foods, or a lack of vine-rip fruit and vegetables, hormone laced meats, fast foods, whatever the reason, too many people today are just not getting what they need from food – no matter how hard they try.
  • Live Better. By increasing high quality micro-nutrients into your diet, you can reverse sub-clinical deficiencies. It’s amazing how good people start to feel when this happens; however, the sad truth if the condition is left unchecked year after year, most people will develop chronic disease(s).   7 BASICS™ is based on the latest advances in nutritional sciences as well as improved natural ingredient processing. It can be a replacement or an addition to  your multivitamins, antioxidants, mineral complexes, adaptogens, calcium supplements, and more...


No more guessing what to take...

People who spend a lot of time studying supplements often end up taking 20-30 pills per day. This approach is time consuming, expensive, requires mixing and matching products, and is hard to get right. Our founder back in 2001 was taking over 30 pills per day and just felt there had to be a better approach. That is when he first had the vision for 7 BASICS™  but the science and the quality of ingredients did not exist then. After 15 years of research we released 7 BASICS™  in 2018, delivering a comprehensive and balanced approach to naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, probiotics, omega 3s, and adaptogens.