Suggested Uses of Natural Biology Supplements



Everything Natural Biology is about is a healthier way to sustain a natural state of vibrant health, and doing this holistically so your cells are fully nourished, protected, repaired, and rejuvenated.   We believe that making the cleanest, most effective supplements begins with the power of clinically validated natural ingredients. It begins by cultivating these high quality raw materials directly from the source and using the most innovative scientific advancements to enhance their effectiveness.  The following Suggested Uses are from over 17 years of listening to customers, clinical studies, and university research.   Live a longer and healthier life. 


EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula:The 7thgeneration of EVEREST Earth & Sea Fomula provides a serving size of 8 capsules daily (240 capsules per bottle).  Take with  8 ounces of water or your favorite juice.  The single biggest mistake when taking a clinical grade formula like this is the failure to drink enough liquid when taking it.   Ideally, take 4 capsules in morning just before or after breakfast, and 4 capsules after lunch; however, some people prefer to take all 8 capsules first thing each morning.  The key is to take all 8 capsules before your last meal of the day.  8 capsules daily provides you with a therapeutically validated dosage, and 4-6 is considered a maintenance dosage.   Some people prefer to take on an empty stomach, but if you have a sensitive stomach, take with food.   When you have a cold, flu, or fatigue – increase your dosage daily throughout the day up to 16 capsules.   Sometimes when starting EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula, particularly the first week, you may feel achy or have a low-grade headache.  Your body is adjusting to the powerful antioxidants as well as detoxing.  The key is to stay hydrated throughout the day, helping your body flush out toxins.  Walking, exercise, sauna, steam baths, and hot showers will help your detoxification which continues as you take the product.  This is very good.  Always stay hydrated and live better by keeping the formula in your system.  (EVEREST Earth & Sea Formulacontains the entire 7 BASICSformula - and a high potency multivitamin with methylated B complex vitamins, CoQ10, and co-factors.)


Other Products to Consider:  With EVEREST Earth & Sea Formulawe highly recommend you take an Omega 3 also.  If you do, you will be in the top 1% of all supplement users with a balanced and complete supplement protocol.  Take either Arctic Ocean Krill Oilor Norwegian Omega 3-  or take 1 soft gel of each to have a full spectrum Omega 3 profile.


7 BASICSSuper Nutrients:   The entire 7 BASICSformula is part of the new 7thGeneration EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula.  It is a 7 part formula full of the best raw ingredients in the world.   It is designed to nourish, protect, and rejuvenate your cells with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, probiotics, adaptogens, and co-factors.   It helps to optimize your nutrition.   Take 6 capsules first thing each morning with 8 oz of water or your favorite juice. This is a great product if you are doing KETO or other diet programs, double the dosage to 12 capsules daily. Also during times colds, flu, or fatigue double the dosage daily by taking throughout the day.   As with EVEREST, your body will detox.  Stay hydrated to aid this process, walk, take hot showers, sauna, exercise, massage,  etc.   The primary way our bodies detox is through the skin, through our urine and bowels. Both EVERESTand 7 BASICSshould help your digestive system become more efficient. 


4 GRAMS:  4 GRAMSis a modified version of EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula.   It is a powerful, balanced, and a complete approach to affordable daily supplements.     Take 5 capsules daily first thing each morning with 8 oz of water or your favorite juice.   


VINTAGE RESVERATROL 100%:  This is the purest form of naturally occurring Resveratrol in nature, proven to absorb in human beings.   Take 2 capsules daily anytime, although we recommend taking them first thing each morning.   


OKINAWA CORAL CALCIUM SMP 44:  This is the purest and most active ingredient form of coral calcium in the world, providing a perfect 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium plus 74 trace minerals.  Take 2 capsules daily with 8 oz of water or your favorite juice.  You can take up to 12 capsules per day if you have a specific reason to do so.


Arctic Ocean Krill OiL:  This form of Omega 3 is incredible and is the purest form of Omega 3.  Take 2 soft gels daily.  Krill is a shell fish so if you have an allergy to shellfish, do not take; otherwise, it is one of the purest and most bioavailable forms of Omega 3.  


Norwegian Omega 3:   This form of fish oil from menhaden contains high concentration of DHA, EPA, and DPA.   DPA is unique to menhaden and enhances the absorption of DHA & EPA – known to support your brain and healthy joints.   Take 2 soft gels daily. 


Omega 3 Best of Both Worlds:  Some people prefer to take 1 soft gel each of Arctic Ocean Krill Oil and Norwegian Omega 3 daily which provides the entire Omega 3 spectrum.


OxyAGE:   OxyAGEis for people over 50 who wish to slow down cellular aging   with clinically proven ingredients.   The primary benefit is it energizes cellular mitochondria, your body’s source of energy.     Energy is the key to all great supplements like OxyAGE,  EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula, 7 BASICS, and 4 GRAMS.  Your body needs cellular energy to carry out all its function.   OxyAGEenhances this process.  Take 6 capsules daily with 8 oz of water or your favorite juice.  Stay hydrated throughout the day for optimum benefits. 


OXYHGH Growth Factors:  As we age, our natural production of HGH declines. OxyHGHis a natural way to stimulate your pituitary gland to increase HGH production but following the instruction is key to success.  Take 3 OXYHGHcapsules at bedtime on an empty stomach (not having eaten for at least 2 hours).  Take for 3 months, then stop for a month, then resume cycle.  You can also take 3 capsules after extensive exercise (weight lifting or running).    


ZOLAMAY:  Zolamayprovides pharmaceutical grade pre-cursor hormones DHEA and Pregnenolone (good for men and women). Take 1 capsule daily.  Do not take more than one capsule daily without a physician’s advice.   This product stimulates healthier hormone levels and improves brain function.


SEX SPECIFIC VITAMINS: Natural Biology provides science-based ingredients that are universal to both male and female.   Our approach is cellular health which is important to both sexes.   For example, we do not provide multivitamin for a particular sex or age.    In the vitamin world this has become a marketing trend, with weak science. If you wish to take a specific ingredient unique to your particular sex or age we recommend you first take one of our advanced protocols and then find a supplement with the proper potencies to take.  We call a great supplement program building your CORE first.   To build your CORE  take one of our advanced protocols with an Omega 3 to insure your cells are nourished, protected, repaired, and rejuvenated.   An example of what we are talking about is to slow down cellular aging take OXYAGE or for sexual health take ZOLAMAY, but only take on top of a core building supplement like EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula, 7 BASICS, or 4 GRAMS.   Most of the times, after building your CORE you will realize you do not need additional supplements; sometimes you might.  When you develop a strong CORE you can effectively measure other supplements, and evaluate their success more readily.   A strong CORE leads to a better quality of life, improving your energy, your immune system, your longevity, your sexual health, and your vitality   


Integrated Medicine:  If you take one of our advanced protocols EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula, 7 BASICS, or 4 GRAMSalong with an Omega 3 – we believe you have a complete supplement protocol -CORE. Anything else you take will be enhanced and work better because you have a strong cellular CORE   If you have health specific problems consult and work with a physician to move toward a more holistic lifestyle with healthier outcomes.   More and more physicians are becoming familiar with the value of clinical grade supplements, the type Natural Biology provides.