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My Story:

“I gained 25 pounds recovering from an accident. I was already 10-15 pounds overweight so I set out to loose 40 pounds.   I started KETO August 31, 2018.  I also double my daily dosage of 7 BASICS.   I knew I needed the nutritional support and thought it would help with food cravings, and it did.

I lost 30 pounds by November 6. I remember the date because it was a family wedding. Everybody complimented my weight loss. It’s also felt good to get back into cloths that I felt good about wearing. 

On New Years day I celebrated my goal of loosing 40 pounds. Two things KETO taught me, take 7 BASICS everyday and cut back on sugar.  

7 BASICS is easy to understand. It’s the “fuel” that each of your cells need to be nourished, protected, repaired, and energized. I encourage you to read about sub-clinical deficiencies.  It is a major contributing factor to being overweight.  

No matter what you weigh, give some consideration to taking 7 BASICS. It’s the one product your cells need to enjoy a natural state of vibrant health. You will feel the difference. It makes KETO healthier & easier Email me at with any questions & comments. William Blake said “No bird soars too high if he soars on his own wings.”

FYI:  You may use 7 BASICSor EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula™ (it contains the entire 7 BASICS formula

Steve Bruner, Founder of Natural Biology Labs

Sub-Clinical Deficiencies

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Sub-Clinical Deficiencies is a term that has evolved over the past 25 years by scientist who frequently investigate why people do not feel good, even though they are not chronically ill. These people go to their doctors with a myriad of complaints but traditional medical test do not turn up any evidence of a condition that relates to the way they are feeling.

Sub-Clinical Deficiency & Weight Issues

Study after study began to show evidence that perhaps the problem was people who were overweight and not feeling their best were not clinically sick as described by an insurance code – but that they had nutritional deficiencies at the cellular level. So many people who are overweight don’t believe they eat too much. Perhaps, sub-clinical deficiencies has something to with this. Other symptoms might include body aches, headaches, memory loss, inability to focus, low energy levels, feeling lousy, lack of sleep, afternoon lows, depression, etc.

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Sub-Clinical Deficiency & Cell Science

If you suffer from sub-clinical deficiencies, and it’s estimated more than 60% of the population does, there’s a simple solution. 7 BASICS infuses micro-nutrients directly into every one of your cells. Good health starts with the smallest unit, your cells, which make up tissue, which make up organs, which in turn make up body system. Within weeks 7 BASICS begins a transformation at the cellular level so you enjoy a sustained natural state of vibrant health.


7 BASICS Provides a full spectrum of essential micro-nutrients
needed for whole-body health


No More YO-YO Dieting

You want KETO to work. Another problem relating to Sub-Clinical Deficiencies is if you need to lose weight, chances are your diet has not been as good as it could be. Here’s what studies tell us about being overweight:

  • One, you may not be eating too much, just too much of the wrong foods – and most likely foods with too much sugar. Have you read the label of milk and fat free food, they’re loaded with sugar. KETO helps reverses your body’s fuel source, changing it from carbohydrates to fats. It’s amazing how well this works.
  • Two, most likely you crave certain foods like pizzas, ice cream, pancakes, cookies, etc. This can be due to sub-clinical deficiencies. Ironically, our bodies becoming addicted to certain food items and we need help breaking the addiction. 7 BASICS provides the missing micro-nutrients which reverses sub-clinical deficiencies. Most people find their will power improves with the help of the micro-nutrients in 7 BASICS.
  • Three, after the first 7-10 days of KETO your energy levels will begin to increase. Fat is a better source of energy; however, you need to get off the YO-YO diet merry-go-round. Give your cells what they need so they are energized, protected, repaired, and nourished – and your mind and body will feel rejuvenated. Just like sugar can be an addiction, so can being healthy.

With KETO you are eating lots of avocados, cheeses, meats, select vegetables and berries. If you haven’t started, you’ll be surprised how full you feel after the first week.

Even if you eat the healthiest KETO approved foods there are still going to be some nutritional holes. 7 BASICS fills in the gaps and helps you stay on track so as you lose weight you also restore and sustain healthier cells. With overall improved health, you’ll be motivated to stay healthier.

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