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Nutraceuticals & Natural Vitamin Micronutrients A nutraceutical is a food (or a micronutrient) that provides a healthy benefit (functional nutrition) that today we are often not receiving in our foods. Nutraceutical was defined first by Dr. Stephen DeFelice, M.D. who was the founder of the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine. Perhaps your mother told you "you are what you eat" is essentially the foundation for nutraceutical research and the practical theories that have exponentially evolved out of this new science. Sometimes nutraceuticals are called functional foods. They provide a benefit beyond basic nutrition. For example in recent years increasing scientific studies have demonstrated the extended benefits of dark berries like blackberries, elderberries, blueberries. strawberries - and the wonders of drinking green tea. These are nutraceuticals. Omega 3s have become nutraceuticals. Resveratrol is a nutraceutical.

Good Nutrition is challenging in today’s world of fast foods, crops with depleted minerals, lack of vine-ripe produce, hormone laced meats, white sugar and corn syrup riddled foods, high caloric drinks and the sedentary lifestyle of people absorbed with video games, smart phones, TV and computers.
To enjoy good health, an individual must receive either through food or supplements a balanced and complete spectrum of nutrients that support the body’s need for complete nutritional support. It is almost impossible to receive the full compliment and spectrum of nutrients without supplementing.

The primary job of a great daily supplement is to optimize your nutritional profile. Natural Biology has spent 19 years developing advanced daily supplements using the best quality from around the world to optimize your daily nutrition. If you build a solid nutritional foundation with 4GRAMS™ and/or EVEREST Earth & Sea™ whatever else you take will work exponentially better. In fact, if you take one of these three products with an Omega 3 (Norwegian Omega 3 or Arctic Ocean Krill Oil) and Okinawa Coral Calcium, chances are you may never need another supplement. 
Natural Biology is committed to provide you with the latest research information so you may informed decisions about the products you purchase and use. Natural Biology uses a meta-analysis of what we have determined is the best research for the products we provide. Currently our industry trade organizations are engaged in a heated battle to allow dietary supplement companies to provide more comprehensive scientific information. Until then we will continue to direct our customers to third-party blogs, books, and newsletters -because we believe you are intelligent enough to make adult decisions for yourself.

Supplement Users are Usually Responsible

Self reliance has always been a major character trait of dietary supplement users. Our typical customers understands their responsibility for the their own health including diet, exercise, supplements, and regular medical check-ups. We believe in integrated medicine which is a balance of doing those specific actions daily that improve our health while seeking professional medical advice and care.

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