HAPPY DNA = Healthier Cells

is primarily insuring your body is efficiently processing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and probiotics - but it also includes antioxidants. Antioxidants are absolute essential to healthier cell life. This is one of the big differences in Natural Biology supplements versus most other companies. We specialize in Antioxidants - and we go to great expense and effort to insure the best quality from all over the world. It's what makes products like 4GRAMS, MED FACTORS,  EVEREST EARTH & SEA, OxyAGE, and VINTAGE RESVEATROL 100% top-shelf. One of the greatest mysteries of great antioxidants is energy. This is nature's most natural stimulates. Healthy cells with added protection function at peak performances.

Micro- Nutrition is the ability of your cells to absorb nutrients at higher levels. Ortho-molecular formulation techniques developed by Nobel Prize winning Dr. Linus Pauling is the functional approach Natural Biology uses. To sum up Dr. Paulings research, he proved that with certain nutrients, like supplements, the body tends to reject them, seeing them almost like an allergen; however, by changing up the way we formulate, the purity of the ingredients, and the potency - we could get micro-nutrition working more efficiently at the cellular level. When this happens our cells repair themselves and remain healthier.

Rejuvenation is the continued support you give your body to live out your life more healthy. Research tells us a lot of poor health conditions can be reversed, not just treated. We never promise miracles, but there are conditions you can help create that make them possible. One of our favorite Natural Biology stories is the couple who were bed-ridden, and only started taking Okinawa Coral Calcium - and within a year both were playing in a tennis league. The body is amazing and when it is starved for micro-nutrients, it reacts negatively. When it receives what is needs it starts repairing itself and rejuvenating. The father of medicine said "heal yourself." FEEL IT....