The Secret to Cellular Aging Rest in Telomeres

Some people look and feel older than they really are, while others look and feel younger.  Some of our customers report they feel younger at 65 than they did at 35; and many customers who are 35 said until they starting taking our anti-aging protocols they felt tired all the time with aches and pains.  Your true age is the age of your cells not your years of life.  Research says you can affect the age of your cells at any age, and we should all be blessed to have healthier cells and feel as good as possible.  The science of cellular aging shows us clearly today what micro-nutrients we all need, how much, and what we can expect.    


Your genetic destiny rest in every cell in your body, all 37 trillion of them, coded into a tiny strands of DNA.   When you look at a picture of DNA, it looks a little like a twisted ladder, with each rung holding important information about you, including how healthy you'll be and how long you're likely to live.

On the ends of each ladder are little caps called telomeres. And, just like the plastic caps on the end of your shoelaces, they prevent your DNA from fraying and coming apart.

Every time your cells divide, your genetic information is duplicated and your telomeres get a little bit shorter. Things like poor diet, disease, stress, smoking, and other toxic exposure can also shorten your telomeres.

You Have More Control Over Your Cellular Destiny Than You Might Think   

Sometimes we are told it is all genetics, and there's no doubt genetics plays an important role, but it's also diet, exercise, toxin exposure, life balance, and the quality of your supplements. We recommend these supplements to support Telomere health:

  • EVREST Earth & Sea Formula - Daily Multi-Nutritional (Recommended for any adult over the age of 21)
  • MED FACTORS  - NAD+ Boosters, Resverarol & Telomere Support (Recommended for adults 40 years of age or older)
  • OxyAGE - Reverses Cellular Aging (Recommended for adults over the age of 55)

 These Natural Biology supplement are committed to cellular health which improves telomere health.   The age of your cells has little to do with your actual age - but has a lot to do with diet, nutrients, exercise, stress levels, toxins, and lifestyle choices.  Natural Biology's Orthomolecular supplements nourish, protect, and rejuvenate your cells thus providing long-term cellular health.