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MED FACTORS - What to Expect


Weeks 0-2

MED FACTORS increases your NAD+ levels from day one.  Most users do not see an noticeable changes in the first weeks, but you may experience noticeable improvements in your energy levels.  Be diligent and take two capsules every day. Consistency is the key to success.  

Weeks 2-4

Your cells are being supercharged with NMN to boost NAD+ levels, Resveratrol to stimulate your longevity gene along with antioxidant super powers, and Green Tea  Extract and Vitamin C to strengthen your telomere health.  Slow but surely your cellular health is improving, and you are increasing your levels of youthful NAD+.

Weeks 4 & Beyond

Your NAD+ levels should begin to become noticeable, and your cellular health has improved.  Continue.  Be Consistent.  MED FACTORS continues to protect and energize your cells, rejuvenating body systems.  Remember, your body has trillions of cells.  Cells make up tissues which make up organs which make up all your body systems.  Energy is the key to good health, the ability to heal, repair, and keep going.