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Take Control of Aging

Wilma is 89 and recently I saw her outside the church at the after-school program playing soccer with grade school age children.  She's amazing.  Today it's not so much a matter of how old you are, but it's a matter of how much life you have in the years you will live.   It's not uncommon for people to start worrying about age as they get into their later years because age does affect things, but to what degree do you have control?  I've heard statements like this my entire life "when I can't take care of myself, I hope I die in my sleep."  Until that happens, there's a lot of small steps that can make a huge difference in the quality of your life, how well you age, and more importantly, how well you enjoy your age. 

Aging science, supplements, and professional medical advice and treatments, have come a long way.   When I was a kid people died in their 60s,  today 60 is the new 40, and 80 is the new 60.   

My father is one of those healthy 88 year olds.   Recently I caught him crawling around the attic fixing things.  He was fine.  My stereotype of him was he shouldn't be doing that.  We do need to worry about breaking limbs later in life because it can have grave consequences later in life, but you still have to live, and risk is part of living.  

My father has always controlled the amount of alcohol he drinks, mostly a glass of wine or a cocktail, maybe two daily,   physical work routinely, exercise daily,  manages stress with prayer and reading,  and has developed an optimistic view of life - he has a deep faith that God is ultimately in control.  He also takes Natural Biology supplements religiously:  EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula, OxyAGE, Vintage Resveratrol 100%,  Norwegian Omega 3, and extra Vitamin D and Vitamin C.   He eats blueberries every morning with his breakfast, and enjoys sweets, but eats lots of vegetables, fish, and limits red meat.    He enjoys people.  Studies show aging well has a lot to do with still engaging people, being active, and some work up until they die - even at 100.   If you retire, there's plenty of volunteer work to be had - find it.  

How to Age Well

  • Exercise Daily or do physical work - cleaning the house and yard work, swimming, long walks - just move 45 minutes or longer daily.  
  • Limit alcohol consumption to no more than a couple of drinks daily
  • Manage Stress with yoga, meditation, prayer, reading, long walks
  • Lose weight using Keto or some effective weight loss program
  • Eat the Mediterranean diet.  Add dark berries and fish as much as possible.    
  • Take Natural Biology Supplements:  EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula and Norwegian Omega 3 - and consider adding Vintage Resveratrol 100% or OxyAGE.  
  • Consult with your physician about your medications.  Constantly evaluate but also work and follow your physicians advice.
  • Keep up your vaccines.  
  • Stay engaged socially, and if you're retired consider volunteer work.
  • Keep your mind active.  Play games, cards, read, learn new skills like to play the piano, a language, computer programming, etc.  
  • Continue working, even part-time.  Get out of the house.  

Signs of Aging

  • Experiencing lower energy?
  • Reduced focus and concentration?
  • Joint pain?
  • Are you overweight?
  • Concerned about your heart?
  • Depression?

Unlock the secret to youthful living science-based anti-aging ingredients in OxyAGE

  • Unstoppable energy
  • Boost brain power
  • Activate longevity gene
  • Improve joint discomfort
  • Safeguard your heal

Natural Biology's Anti-Aging Protocol

  • EVEREST Earth & Sea Formula - Take Daily full serving
  • Norwegian Omega 3 or Arctic Ocean Krill Oil - Take 2 soft gels daily
  • OxyAGE - Take 3 capsules daily
  • Vintage Resveratrol 100% - Take 2 capsules daily


  • Okinawa Coral Calcium
  • Tumeric
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3