BEWARE of Consumer Review Sites


It's Cleaver BUT It's All Lies

"They make money by pretending to evaluate products when their goal is always evaluate their own product they make money with as the Top Product...   If they have to pretend to be someone they are not, how can you ever trust anything they say?"

 Natural Biology has been on the web for almost 19 years.   There have always been con artist in supplements, but today it's worst than ever.  It is really bad because these con artist are more cleaver than ever.  The most cleaver con out there are these so-called consumer organizations evaluating products.   They do not charge like Consumer Reports for non-bias reviews; these con artist pay for ads for you too see their reviews.  
Why would they pay for ads to review products? 
I just saw an Internet ad for a so-called consumer organization evaluating Reveratrol products including ours.  They are pretending to be a consumer organization because the product they are recommending as the top product is the one of their own products.  They make money fooling you with this evaluation con.   They evaluate a few other products, complimenting a few things, make up a few things, but in the end make their products look the best.    
Why is a con artist a con artist.  Because they are believable.  I have a trained eye for labels, ingredients, and formulas - most people do not.  I see through their tricks easily, and I feel bad for those of you who are victims.  I would not take their products under any circumstances.  If they have to pretend to be someone they are not to sell you,  something must be really wrong.  It's as bad as a married man taking off his wedding ring to date single girls.  
This is our bodies, our health, and we have to take what we are willing to put into our bodies serious.     
This same organization says polygonum cuspidate is the better source of resveratrol because it has a higher trans resveratrol content.  That is true, but it has a low efficacy and is not very bioavailable - and its not very pure because it is processed using harsh chemicals. I did research on polygonum cuspidatum for 18 months starting in 2006. It's on my top ten list of ingredients to never take.  It scares me. . A lot of famous researchers are equally troubled by it, and no serious researchers are doing clinical studies with it.    
These pretend consumer outfits are not scientist.  We are.  They said on their site we do not tell how much trans resveratrol is in our Vintage Resveratrol 100%.   We do.  We operate under all FDA regulations    
Our trans resveratrol is 12% of the 1000mg which is 120mg per serving.  You need 50mg to 100mg per day absorbed for trans resveratrol to have efficacy.   French Red Wine Grapes yield trans resveratrol that is absorbed over 90% so it is the purest and most naturally occurring resveratrol in nature.  Nothing comes close.  If polygonum cuspidate did it better, Natural Biology would sell it because it is cheaper to make than what we use. Polygonum Cuspidatum absorbs less then 5% and you get a lot of chemical waste with it.  Some of it was so bad in my evaluation I could smell chemicals like gasoline which is used to cut certain ingredients in China  All polygonum cuspidatum comes from China. 
Quality  Matters. 
We encountered this same type of con years ago with an organization called Coral Calcium Watchdogs.  They are very screwed operators.   They are a Canadian company offering 3-5 brands of cheap coral calcium, and Coral Calcium Watchdogs is a non-profit out of Texas they fund to evaluate their own products.  Can you guess which products win in their evaluation?  
When they evaluating Natural Biology back in 2004 I contacted Google's lawyers and within an hour we were taken off their site.  We should have sued them and taken them out because, guess what, they're still around.  We did contact the Attorney General of Texas to make him aware of what was going on.  
The only consumer organization I trust is Consumer Reports.  You and I pay them money for their evaluations because it is independent and they are not paid to review any product(s) one way or another - no bias.  
Be careful of any product being evaluated by a pretend consumer organization.  If they are advertising, you immediately know they are con artist because their objective is not evaluate products but to sell you their products.  They start by misrepresenting who they are?  Question mark?  Big Question Mark????