Transcend (Part 1) – How to Change Your Natural Biology & Thrive

Survive to Exist or Survive to Thrive ???

In his book "The Survivors Club" Ben Sherwood shares the 80/10/10 rule for survival. This includes surviving anything from an airplane crash to cancer, from a mountain loin attack to your cruise ship sinking. Here’s what the 80/10/10 rule says: 80% of the people do nothing to improve their chances of survival; 10% of the people panic and often kill others; and, 10% react proactively - often saving themselves & even others in nearly impossible situations.

Here’s an interesting fact from survival experts. Optimism can be an unhealthy expenditure of energy during times of survival; however, realism is very healthy, particularly when you are able to reach deep within the depths of your soul and pull out some unexpected strength. In survival situations the overly optimistic think rescue is just around the bend and set unrealistic expectations and seldom do what is required. (Think about how you approach your diet, exercise, and weight loss) When their optimistic expectations are not realized, the will to fight evaporates, but a survivor usually thinks of something else in his/her life that is unfinished, and they press into, and they find the will to survive.

Does being a survivor mean you act perfectly. Hardly ever does this happen.

Training can often be the difference. Most of the times, survivors can‘t really say why they survive, they just do. People who survive face depression, hopelessness, anger, but then something happens – and in the book Mr. Sherwood talks about all the different reasons why people survive! They all have something in common, the survivor gene is activated. They find a way when others can‘t. One survivor expert said “they find dumb luck.” They often do what is not expected or they do exactly what is not expected. A lot of survivors say fear was not a factor. In fact, some say they were relatively calm in the face of death. They find the faith to act beyond the circumstances!

80/10/10 Rule of Supplements

In the world of vitamins and supplements I believe the same 80/10/10 apply: 80% of the people just go along with the marketing machine. They waste money buying synthetic vitamins like Centrum or the new One-A-Day Gummy Bears for adults; 10% waste enormous energy and money falling for the latest craze, multi-level marketing gimmick sometimes run by doctors, or the latest info-commercially; and finally the last 10% make well-informed decisions.

These survivors in the vitamin world act proactively, find a good source of information, enjoy a better quality of life, and spend their money wisely. They invest in their health and enjoy the dividends of a better quality of life. They win!